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"Chiropractic care has improved my life 100%. I started feeling pain relief after just 1 visit. Chiropractic care REALLY works!" --Gladys Johnson

Chase T. wrote.....
I love that the doctors were concerned about my pain level. They were not just trying to get me in and out, they took time with me and explained what was going on and how we could fix the problem. In just three adjustments I stopped having headaches. I honestly couldn't tell you the last time I had one. I will absolutely continue going for treatment. Thank you so much Dr Chris and Dr Melissa!!!

Nancy H. says "I have not had to take any medication in two weeks for pain. Mentally I have a sense of well being. I have more energy than I've had in the past two years!" 

Shari B. wrote "Having experienced many different stomach issues in the past, I was always searching for something to help me feel better. Since starting on the Immuno-Synbiotic prebiotic & probiotic, my stomach issues have gone away! Being proactive with adjustments and taking the Immuno-Synbiotic have made all the difference."

Maurice C. says "Before starting, I could hardly walk any distance without major pain in my back. Working long hours at night was a trial. Now the pain is not a constant part of my day and I can walk the trails, and work all night without issues."

Renee K. says "Since I've started coming to Houston County Chiropractic, I've had a drastic change with the pain in my back. I feel a lot better and I'm able to get back to my everyday things."

Chad L. wrote "I can't remember the last time I slept at night before I started coming for adjustments. I sleep great every night now."

Harvey P. says "Chiropractic has stopped my back pain and I have less pain now. I am able to get on with my work now."

Michael D. wrote "When I first came to Houston County Chiropractic, I could hardly walk due to lower back pain. After they looked at my x-rays and figured out a care plan, they went to work. Within a couple of short weeks, my back pain was completely gone."

Dustin T. Says "Chiropractic care has helped me feel all-around better. I've struggled with digestive issues for almost 2 years and they have improved since I began treatment. I've been very happy with Houston County Chiropractic."

Lacy S. wrote "Chiropractic care has helped my ovarian cysts decrease in their frequency and severity, and has also decreased occasional pain I've had in my neck and back areas. I've also benefited greatly from some of the essential oils recommended to me by Dr. Melissa"

Jeffery K. says "I came in with constant lower back pain. Since coming I am almost 100%! I highly recommend coming in for an evaluation and treatment. Awesome people and staff!"

Angela T. wrote "Since starting chiropractic care, I have noticed a huge relief in my pain. Especially when picking up my two year old!"

Rob T. wrote "My first visits over the first few weeks of treatment relieved terrible pain in my lower back that had been bothering me for months. The pain was relieved over several weeks of care and after several months was completely gone!"

Kathy S. says "Houston County Chiropractic has been successful relieving my neck and back pain that had built up over the years and resisted other chiropractic care. The combination of a precision adjusting instrument and regular visits has helped correct long standing problems that other care failed to correct. I like that Dr. Melissa includes exercises targeted to help specific problems and educates her patients on ways to stay healthy."

Alexis C. says "I no longer have bad headaches or lower back pain."

Benjamin S. wrote "It has helped me work better and has helped me become more mobile in my activities."

Richard W. says "I've felt better from my first visit. The numbness in my arm has almost stopped. Neck pain has stopped. Lower back is still hurting but getting better. I've told people to come try them out."

Tharel S. wrote, "Chiropractic care has helped improve my overall health. In particular, long-term neck issues are improving as are hip and knee pain."

Nicki B. says,"When I came to Houston County Chiropractic, I had a lot of hip, neck and back pain. In just a few weeks that pain was almost non existent! Dr. Melissa has also taken the time to educate on nutrition and other factors that may affect my health. I would highly recommend Houston County Chiropractic for chiropractic and whole health needs!

Tommy S. wrote,"Much improvement in all areas-sleep, work, etc."

Hosea P. wrote,"When I first started coming to the chiropractor I was having constant pain in my back and right leg, and also in my right shoulder, neck and arm. The pain was constant. After a few visits, I began to notice less pain, and today there is only occasional pain. The chiropractor has really helped me."

Brock P. says,"Since I have began treatment, I can tell a difference mostly when sleeping, however, I can carry heavier batteries around at work and still be able to sleep the same night without extreme soreness. "

Mary C. says, "Since receiving care at Houston County Chiropractic my neck pain has almost completely diminished. I can tell a difference in my scoliosis also. The pain in my lower back is not as severe. "

Laurie B. wrote, "Chiropractic care has helped my life tremendously. I was having pain that was unbearable to almost no pain. I have become more knowledgeable about my body and how taking care of my central nervous system can alleviate most of my problems with my body."

Angie E. wrote, "I have lived with neck pain, mid-back pain, and sciatic pain for more than 10 years Up to this pointm my arms/hands were tingling and burning - numbness in fingers and toes. My pain has been reduced to twinges occasionally. Burning and tingling is GONE. I feel better than I have felt in years, years  and years! My moods this week have been better, I am really better!"

Tiffany S. says, "My back pain has decreased a significant amount. I have also learned a lot about how to continue improving my overall health through the orientation." 

Tommy S. says, "It has helped my back and right hip very much."

Penny W. wrote, "When I first started seeing Dr. Melissa Fischer, I had neck pain and stiffness, and lower back pain with sciatic nerve pain down my left leg. I couldn't even sleep on my left side. After 3 weeks of treatment I am no longer in any pain! Dr. Melissa is the best!"

William H. says, "I can tell the pain level in my left shoulder has slightly gone down. I fall asleep faster each night after treatment."

Adam T. says, "I truly appreciate the precise way Drs.Chris and Melissa are about how they provide chiropractic care. They are above any other I've been to since I've come to live in Dothan, AL. I've recently been in an accident and injured my neck. They showed me how my neck was affected through the latest technology and told me I can get better. I've been coming to HCC for over a month now and experienced so much more energy and drive and overall well-being since I've started getting my adjustments. They also taught me it doesn't stop there, that you need to eat better, get more sleep, and get your pH around 7.2, and do your exercises regularly to strengthen the muscles around your problem areas. I strongly recommend them to anyone.

Gregory K. wrote, " The care I am receiving from Houston County Chiropractic from Drs. Chris and Melissa is outstanding and it helped me a lot. The class and lecture about your body and they explain how the central nervous system works is awesome. The adjustments are beneficial with the hard workload of everyday life." 

Jonathan S. wrote, "Great service for total health. My visits have been educational on subjects like sleep, nutrition and exercise. The pain in my back and neck have improved since I started treatment."

Lisa J. says, "I was having neck, lower back pain and headaches. I have had less neck and back pain. Still headaches, but very few. This has been a true blessing."

Bailey J says, "Chiropractic care has helped me with softball. I now have less pain and headaches. Also, chiropractic care has helped me last longer in my tournaments."

David E. wrote," After enduring three weeks of acute lower back pain, I gave in and asked for help. For three weeks I was about 50% of my normal mobility. After several weeks of chiropractic care I have to say my mobility is back to 100%. A big thanks to Drs. Chris and Melissa. 

Roberta R. wrote,"With the adjustments that I have received my neck and hand have both improved. I am not having the tingling in my fingers and am able to turn my head more without pain."

Betty M. wrote, "I had consistent headaches and tingling in my left side. I went to several doctors and was diagnosed with migraine. I was prescribed medication that I could not take. It was horrible- then I came to see Dr. Chris and one adjustment I noticed a difference-Headaches have been gone for over a month. Wished I had come sooner!"

William A. said," Chiropractic has helped relieve the tightness and pulling in my neck and back allowing me to be pain-free in work and hobbies."

Debra B. said, "When I began care with Drs. Fischer I was at my wits end. I was unable to sit, stand, walk or sleep comfortably or without pain. But with their care I am finally able to do my household chores again, and more importantly, polish my toenails again."

George G. said, "I have been coming in here for two weeks and I can really tell a difference in how I feel and my pain is a lot better. I highly recommend them."

David O. wrote, "With chiropractic care I am able to get more functional without drugs and get back to work a lot sooner."

Anthony P wrote, "Well, this has helped me with all the stiffness I was having in my back. I am no longer having the upper back stiffness, I would truly recommend a chiropractor to anyone."

Julieus J. said, "I have a little less pain since I started with the chiropractor."

Tim K. said, "The chiropractic care I have received at Houston County Chiropractic has improved my quality of life...plain and simple."

April T. wrote, "My headaches are much less severe already after only a few weeks. It's almost instant relief after getting an adjustment."

Steven N. states,"The work performed here has given me a better quality of life. The pain level I was experiencing has decreased drastically."

Gwen H. states, "Neck pain has improved over only 2 weeks of care."

Christy R. wrote,"I have suffered with migraines for months taking up to 8 ibuprofen with no relief. Since coming to Houston County Chiropractic I have only had one headache that was manageable without meds. 

Melinda S. wrote, "When I first started, I had constant pain, numbness and tingling in my right foot. Now there is little to no pain, and light numbness, no pain in the lower back, and only slight pain in the neck-only in the morning after work."

Beau F. states, "When I first came to HCC I was in a lot of pain. My back and neck were extremely tight and sore. If I moved too fast there was a pinching sensation throughout my spine. When I came here they explained to me my spine from my neck and even down to my pelvis was out of alignment. With the care of the Docs all my pain has disappeared."

Jami B. states, "Increased range of motion while turning my head. The pain has decreased as I get adjusted."

Dianne W. states, "My neck and back has improved since I've been coming for chiro care. It has really helped me."

Natalie J. wrote, "Chiropractic has helped my back pain a little bit; I'm looking forward to more improvement."

Kathy S. wrote, "I have improved so much that I've already recommended two of my friends."

Adam R. wrote, "Knowing that I'm being pro-active in the maintenance of my health is important to me. I know that my neck and spine are in the best shape possible befor I hit the gym or perform on stage."

Angel R. states, "Neck pain and tension have improved and back pain seems to be improving slowly"

Pat M. states, "Has improved posture. Reminded me to relax shoulders in order to lessen tightness. Has improved everyday activities. Have had no limitations."

Jill H. states, "Chiropractic care has greatly reduced pain in lower back. My ability to sit and perform everyday activities has increased greatly."

Paul Z. wrote," After around the second adjustment I could again sleep all night. Was usually sore for a day or two after each visit but well worth it. I cannot believe how well I feel. This is only my sixth visit and I haven't felt this good in 20 years."

Lori M. states, "This is the first time I have had chiropractic care and I feel so much better in only two weeks. All my questions are answered and Dr. Melissa does a great orientation class and discusses your back and over all health. Everyone in the office is a pleasure do deal with. I am very happy to have found them and will be telling people I know about the great care." 

Terri K., "So far I have less lower back pain and a little less shoulder and neck pain." 

Taylor D., "I was having major inflammation and throbbing pain in my upper left shoulder blade area 100% of the day. I've been coming to HCC for a few weeks and I'm already noticing relief. I am very pleased with the Drs' ambition to help my scoliosis as much as they can. I can't wait to see how much progress I've made!"

Margaret S. wrote, "I would tell anyone that has any type of problem with their health that chiropractic care will heal them over a period of time. Then keep a routine of care from then on to stay in great shape." 

Lee N. states, "Chiropractic care is helpful to my body and stops the intensity of my pain. Everyone needs to try it." 

James M. wrote, "I could not stand or sit comfortably for any time at all. After only two treatments the pain lessened and each treatment afterwards I have gotten better." 

Cynthia L. wrote, "Originally I came to Houston County Chiropractic because of back and hip pain. I also had neck pain. I was amazed at my x-rays. After treatments, I am pain free. The worst part of my condition is not being able to sleep due to back and hip pain. I am now able to sleep peacefully without pain. It is just amazing!" 

Chris P. states, "I am a UPS driver and suffer from a wide range of muscle fatigue, aches, and pains. Since beginning chiropractic care I have decreased all of these symptoms. I am more comfortable in the mornings and throughout the day. I have thoroughly enjoyed the comfort and looseness achieved through treatment."

Vicky M. wrote, "When I first started chiropractic care I had pain between my shoulders but now that pain is gone." 

J.B. states, "The pain in my neck feels like it's getting better with each visit. My lower back has not been giving me any problems. I can't thank everyone enough for their help and concerns."